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I am a Principal Research Scientist in the Fauna Conservation Program. I conduct research projects aimed at improving the conservation status of specific threatened marsupials. Currently most of my research effort is involved in the recovery program for Gilbert’s potoroo, but I also supervise research aspects of the Dibbler and Numbat recovery programs.

I chair the Numbat and Dibbler Recovery Teams.


  • Biology and ecology of marsupials
  • Reintroduction biology
  • Spatial dynamics of marsupials
  • Radio-tracking
  • Taxonomy, ecology and biology of terrestrial amphipods

Brief CV

Academic Qualifications

B.Sc. (Hons) (Tasmania) 1975
Ph.D. (Tasmania) 1981

Awards and scholarships

  • 1980 Visiting Curatorship, The Australian Museum
  • 1998 Churchill Fellowship

Research Experience

My postgraduate and postdoctoral research focused on taxonomy and aspects of the ecology of terrestrial amphipods. My appointment to my current position led to a major change in direction, towards the recovery of threatened mammals in Western Australia. This has involved projects on a number of species, including the numbat, western barred bandicoot and other Shark Bay island mammals, quenda, red-tailed phascogale, Gilbert's potoroo, dibbler and quokka. I conceived, initiated and for five years ran the Return to Dryandra project, to bring locally extinct marsupials back to the western agricultural area by breeding in a 20 hectare enclosure at Dryandra.

Currently my input into the Gilbert's potoroo recovery program involves studies of population dynamics, habitat preferences, spatial dynamics, reproductive biology, nutritional biology, captive breeding and cross-fostering.


  • Recovery of Gilbert's Potoroo
  • Recovery of the Dibbler
  • Recovery of the Numbat
  • Feral cat control and numbat recovery in Dryandra woodland and other sites