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Email Bruce

+61 8 9771 7987

+61 8 9777 1183
Street Address
Brain Street, Manjimup WA 6258, Australia
Postal Address
Locked Bag 2, Manjimup WA 6258, Australia


Principal Technical Officer (L5) Manjimup Science Division.


  • Fire behaviour and fire ecology research.
  • Monitoring post fire/logging plant ecology.
  • Feral predator census and control research.
  • Feral Camel census and distribution research.

Brief CV

  • BSc environmental science (Murdoch)
  • Research experience includes;
  • Fire behaviour studies,
    • Project Aquarius (W.A.)
    • Grassland fire study (NT)
    • Project Vesta (W.A.)
  • Fire ecology
    • Effects of fire regimes on understorey plants
    • Measuring effects of fine grain mosaic fire on plants
    • Monitoring the impacts of timber harvesting on understorey plants- Kingston study and Forestcheck.
    • The fire response of plants to different fire age (cronosequence) in the Gibson desert and Lorna Glen study sites.
  • Mammal reintroductions;
    • Desert dreaming – Gibson Desert
    • Project Eden – Shark Bay
    • Lorna Glen – reclaimed pastoral station
  • Feral Predator research;
    • Develop census methods
    • Develop control methods
  • Feral Camels;
    • Develop and run Camel surveys to assess numbers and distribution.


Fire Effects Study — “The effects of various fire regimes on the understorey plants in the jarrah forests of Western Australia”

Fine Grain fire Mosaic (Walpole) — “Measure the effect of a frequent fire regime, designed to promote a fine grain mosaic in London forest block, on the understorey plants”.

Forestcheck — “Monitor the impacts of timber harvesting on the understorey plants”.