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17 Dick Perry Avenue, Technology Park, Western Precinct, Kensington WA 6151, Australia
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I am currently a Research Scientist in Fauna Conservation in the Science Division of Dept of Parks and Wildlife. My research focuses primarily on the conservation genetics of threatened and priority-listed West Australian mammal species, including genetic assessment of animal translocations, resolution of taxonomic issues to support conservation listings and understanding the population genetics of varied fauna to support conservation planning and decision-making. I also have a background in research on the ecological genetics of a range of temperate and tropical plant species. 


- Conservation genetics of threatened plants and animals

- Genetic management of reintroduced populations

- Plant-animal interactions (seed dispersal, pollen dispersal)

- Mating systems and gene flow analysis 

- Molecular species identification

- Scat DNA analysis

Brief CV

Academic qualifications:

2007 Doctor of Philosophy, University of Adelaide, SA - "A survey of the reproductive ecology and patterns of pollen-mediated gene flow in Eucalyptus camaldulensis and E. leucoxylon paddock trees"

1998 Bachelor of Science Honours, University of Adelaide, SA - "Enhanced transport of nutrients through soil cores with the addition of organic amendments"

1997 Bachelor of Science, University of Adelaide, SA - Majors in Botany and Zoology


Positions held:

Mar 2012 - Current: Research Scientist, Department of Parks and Wildlife, Government of Western Australia, WA

Mar 2010 - Feb 2012: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Tulane University, New Orleans, USA

Feb 2008 - Mar 2010: Research Fellow, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Adelaide/Department for Environment and Heritage, SA Government, Adelaide, SA

Mar 2006 - Jul 2007: Research Associate, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Wollongong, NSW 

Jan 2004 - Jan 2006: Research Assistant, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Wollongong, NSW

Sept 2001 - Dec 2002: Research Scientist, Evolutionary Biology Unit, South Australian Museum, SA


Adjunct Positions:

Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, Murdoch University, WA


Membership of Professional Societies:


Society for Ecological Restoration


  • Population viability and landscape genetics of quenda (Isoodon fusciventer) in the Perth and Peel metropolitan regions
  • Molecular taxonomy of Isoodon, resolving taxonomic boundaries and identification of management units
  • Conservation genomics of golden bandicoots (Isoodon auratus)
  • Conservation genomics of rufous hare-wallabies (Lagorchestes hirsutus)
  • Conservation genomics of burrowing bettongs (Bettongia lesueur)
  • Conservation genomics of dibblers (Parantechinus apicalis)
  • Conservation genomics of Shark Bay mouse (Pseudomys fieldi)
  • Genetic assessment and management of fauna reintroductions (Matuwa, Dirk Hartog Island)
  • Conservation genomics of black-flanked rock wallabies (Petrogale lateralis)
  • Development of scat DNA markers for monitoring of banded hare-wallabies (Lagostrophus fasciatus)
  • Population genetics and monitoring of ghost bats (Macroderma gigas) in the Pilbara
  • Taxonomy and phylogeography of the Cleome tetrandra species complex
  • Phylogeography and landscape genetics of small mammals in the Pilbara


Publications (18)

Additional Publications (18)
“In press” and draft publications, or those published while employed elsewhere.


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