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My research interests are centred in life history evolution and conservation biology of vertebrates, with specific interests in how fluctuating environments can influence population dynamics.  The approach has two components - (1) development of testable predictions based on life history models, and (2) testing of the predictions with field-collected data by application of modern mathematical and statistical methods.  To fulfil these objectives, my interests include: conservation ecology, wildlife management, evolutionary ecology, foraging behaviour, resource partitioning, allometry of growth and reproduction, stage-structured population models, bio-chronology, quantitative methods in ecology, life history theory, stable isotope analysis, satellite telemetry, and adaptive management.


Active involvement in sea turtle research since 1979.  Research or consulting projects on loggerhead turtles in Georgia, Florida, Australia, and Oman; leatherback turtles in Puerto Rico and French Guiana; hawksbill turtles in Puerto Rico, Haiti, and Australia; olive ridley turtles in Costa Rica, French Guiana, and India; Kemp’s ridleys in Florida; green turtles in Puerto Rico, Australia, and Malaysia; flatback turtles in Australia.  Member: IUCN Marine Turtle Specialist Group, International Sea Turtle Society, former Florida Marine Turtle Permit Holder.

Brief CV


2013          Adjunct Scientist, Mote Marine Laboratory

2003          Courtesy Associate Professor, Univ. Florida, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Dept.

2001          Postdoctoral Fellow, Colorado State Univ., College of Natural Resources

2000          Adjunct Research Fellow, University of Canberra, Institute for Applied Ecology

1997          Ph.D. Zoology, Univ. Queensland                     

1989          M.S. Zoology, Univ. Georgia

1979          B.S. Biology, Georgia Southern College (Biological Oceanography)


Professional Positions

2013-18     Senior Research Scientist, Western Australia Department of Parks and Wildlife. 

2012-13      Senior Scientist, Mote Marine Laboratory, Florida

2005-13      Program Manager, Sea Turtle Conservation and Research, Mote Marine Laboratory, Florida

2003-11      Staff Scientist, Mote Marine Laboratory, Florida

2002          Research Officer, Environmental Statistics, Distance Learning Courses, Univ. Canberra

2001          Biologist, US Geological Survey, Guam

1999          Consultant - Freshwater Ecology, Queensland Department of Natural Resources

1997-00      Senior Conservation Officer, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service


Western Australia Marine Science Institution- Marine Turtle Node

North West Shelf Flatback Turtle Conservation Plan

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Additional Publications (2)
“In press” and draft publications, or those published while employed elsewhere.


Waayers D, Tucker T, Whiting S, Groom R, Vanderklift M, Pilans R, Rossendell J, Pendoley K, Hoenner X, Thums M, Dethmers K, Limpus CJ, Wirsig A, McMahon C, Strydom A, Whittock P, Howlett K,  Oades D, McFarlane G, Duke T, Guinea M, Whiting A, Speirs M, King J, Hattingh K, Heithaus M, Mau R, Holley D (2019)  Satellite tracking of marine turtles in south eastern Indian Ocean: a gap analysis of deployments spanning 1990-2016. Indian Ocean Turtle Newsletter 29, 23-37


Whiting S, Tucker T, Pendoley K, Mitchell N, Bentley B, Berry O, FitzSimmons N (2018) Marine Turtles in the Kimberley: key biological indices required to understand and manage nesting turtles along the Kimberley coast. Western Australia Marine Science Institution Project 1.2.2 report.  146 pp.