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Email Rosemarie

+61 8 9219 9151

+61 8 9334 0327
Street Address
17 Dick Perry Avenue, Technology Park, Western Precinct, Kensington WA 6151, Australia
Postal Address
Locked Bag 104, Bentley Delivery Centre WA 6983, Australia


Rosemarie is a curator of the vascular plant and fungi collections at the WA Herbarium (PERTH). She is responsible for the general care and maintenance of herbarium specimens and for maintaining currency of plant names.

I work part time: Monday, Thursday and Friday.


The curation of herbarium specimens of vascular plants and fungi.

Brief CV

Academic qualifications

  • B.Sc. (Biology) Curtin University of Technology, 1991
  • B.Sc. Hons (Environmental Biology) Curtin University, 1992
  • Graduate Diploma (Landcare), Curtin University, 1994

Publications (3)

Additional Publications (3)
“In press” and draft publications, or those published while employed elsewhere.


Day, D.A, Collins, B.G., and Rees, R.G. (1997) Reproductive biology of the rare and endangered Banksia brownii Baxter ex. R. Br. (Proteaceae). Australian Journal of Ecology. 22 (3), 307-315.


Lamont, B.B., Rees, R.G., Witkowski, E.T.F. and Whitten, V.A. (1994) Comparative size, fecundity and ecophysiology of roadside plants of Banksia hookeriana. Journal of Applied Ecology. 31 (1), 137-144.

Lamont, B.B., Whitten, V.A., Witkowski, E.T.F., Rees, R.G. and Enright, N.J. (1994) Regional and local (road verge) effects on size and fecundity in Banksia menziesii. Australian Journal of Ecology. 19 (2), 197-205.