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17 Dick Perry Avenue, Technology Park, Western Precinct, Kensington WA 6151, Australia
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Melissa is a Research Scientist with the Flora Conservation and Herbarium Program where her chief responsibilities are to conduct research that contributes to the circumscription, conservation and management of Western Australia’s endangered flora. Melissa’s research focuses on utilising molecular genetic techniques to assess evolutionary processes such as mating systems and gene flow that maintain levels of genetic diversity and shape patterns of genetic structure in native taxa. Her work contributes to understanding the effects of current anthropogenic disturbances as well as long term evolutionary influences on the persistence and phylogeographic structure of native taxa. Melissa is currently the Secretary of the Australian Network for Plant Conservation. Melissa has also worked in the culture of specialised plant tissues utilised in advanced breeding programs of forestry and agricultural species.


  • Molecular genetic techniques
  • Population and evolutionary genetics
  • Specialised tissue culture techniques

Brief CV



PhD, Dept. Food, Ag and Wine, Adelaide University (AU). Project title: Acacia saligna as an agroforestry crop for southern Australia: a genetic assessment.


Bachelor of Science. Honours. Dept. Biological Sciences, Murdoch University. Project title: The mating system of jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata Donn Ex. Sm).

Positions held


Post-doctoral Research Scientist, Department of Environment and Conservation.


Post-graduate Researcher, Adelaide University, the Co-operative Research Centre for Plant Based Management of Dryland Salinity and Department of Environment and Conservation.


Graduate Research Assistant, Faculty of Plant Sciences, the University of Western Australia.


Technical Officer, Department of Conservation and Land Management.

Membership of Professional Association

Secretary of the Australian Network for Plant Conservation


  • ARC Linkage Project: Is restoration working? An ecological genetic assessment. Collaboration with GondwannaLink, the University of Western Australia and the Botanic Parks and Gardens Authority.