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I am a Level 4 Senior Technical Officer working under the direction of Principal Research Scientist Jim Lane in the Biodiversity Group. I work together with Senior Technical Officer Grant Pearson on projects within the aquatic ecosystems area.


In the 9 years as a technical officer in the Science Division at Woodvale I have developed competency in waterbird identification. I have a particular interest in the Banded Stilt since observing their nesting events at lakes Ballard and Marmion in 1995 when these lakes were filled by Cyclone Bobby. I continue to monitor Banded Stilt movements throughout the state and record sightings of birds that were flagged and ringed from this breeding event. During the last two years I have concentrated on migratory shore birds through census work at Creery Lagoon, Vasse- Wonnerup Estuaries, Swan Estuary cannon netting and participation in the North West Wader Study Group Expeditions at Roebuck Bay and the 80 Mile Beach.

My laboratory work involves the sorting of aquatic invertebrates. I have developed a good knowledge of sorting techniques and initial species identification from a range of wetland types throughout the state.

I have an academic background and practical experience in cartography and surveying. I provide advice and expertise on mapping products and surveying techniques to Scientists within the Biodiversity Group.

I am an experienced small craft operator, holding certificates in Small Craft Safety and Handling, and Elements of Shipboard Safety.

I assist with bathymetric surveys of wetlands in recovery catchments and supervise surveying teams in the field.

Brief CV

I joined CALM in 1988 working in the then "Mapping Branch" as a cartographer, using the Intergraph GIS package to produce National Park Management Plan maps. In June of 1991 I was seconded for 12 months to a Technical Officer’s position at Planning Branch in the Parks, Recreation, Planning and Tourism Division. Following this I moved into a Technical Officer position at the Woodvale Wildlife Research Centre working in the Wetlands group.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences majoring in Cartography and Geography from Curtin University.

I am the Health and Fitness Coordinator for the Woodvale Centre.


  • Breeding ecology and conservation of the Banded Stilt.
  • Salinity Action Plan wetland monitoring program.
  • Monitoring of wetlands in Nature Reserves and National Parks of south-western Australia.
  • Survey for new proposals for the Directory of important Wetlands in Australia.